Trump Guilty Verdict ‘Validation of the American Judicial System’

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in the New York business document trial was a “validation of the American judicial system.”

Guest host Peter Alexander said, “I want to start by asking you about this historic verdict. President Biden opened his remarks on Friday by saying it is irresponsible for anyone to say the verdict was rigged just because they do not like it. This is eight years old, and there are questions about the validity of legal theory, untested legal theory to prosecute it. Would this case be brought against anyone other than former President Trump?”

Jeffries said, “Yes, of course. This verdict in the case of People v. Trump was a validation of the American judicial system. Donald Trump was entitled to the presumption of innocence. He received it. Donald Trump was entitled to a jury by his peers. He received it. Donald Trump was entitled to a vigorous defense. He received it. Twelve jurors, 12 American citizens, after five weeks of a trial evaluated the facts, the evidence and the law and came to a unanimous decision as it relates to convicting Donald Trump on 34 felony counts.”

He added, “That is an affirmation of the American judicial system. This is America. We are we are not a system occupied by a monarch, king or dictator., We are a democracy, and in a democracy, no one is above the law.”

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