Are California’s Mental Health Courts successful? That depends on who you ask because there’s no reliable data.

From a doctor who, police say, intentionally drove his Telsa off a cliff with his family inside, to a man accused of murder while under the care of the court, there is growing concern about who is eligible to avoid a felony conviction by participating in California’s Mental Health Diversion Court.   There are also … Read more

Boeing responds to Justice Department’s allegations, says it didn’t violate deferred prosecution agreement

Embattled aircraft giant Boeing Wednesday argued to the Justice Department that the company has upheld its end of a 2021 deferred prosecution agreement, and pushed back at federal prosecutors who wrote last month that the plane manufacturer has violated the deal and risked being prosecuted, two people familiar with the discussions confirmed to CBS News. … Read more

Investigating California’s Mental Health Courts

Investigating California’s Mental Health Courts – CBS News Watch CBS News Amid concerns that some felony defendants could be misusing California’s Mental Health Diversion Court to have their violent crimes dismissed, a CBS News California investigation found that there is no reliable data to indicate how successful the state program is. Be the first to … Read more