Remembering the I-95 bridge collapse, and all the memes

Remember last June, when a highway bridge on I-95 in Tacony collapsed in a fiery disaster that threatened to halt commerce and transport along the East Coast, and sent big rigs on detours through surrounding residential neighborhoods? 

And then when the rebuilding process was the hottest must-watch, must-meme livestream in town? 

Remember the hoagiemouth guy? The foam glass backfill? The reopening after just 12 days? Gov. Josh Shapiro launching his “I fixed the highway really fast” presidential campaign platform? (Ok, that last one didn’t actually happen. At least not officially.)

It all came back to us in a bittersweet rush on Thursday, when PennDOT held one last ceremony to announce that permanent repairs to the roadway were finally, truly, totally complete, and that, weather permitting, all lanes in the area would be open — as well as a lane on a new ramp to Cottman Avenue — just in time for holiday weekend travel.

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