Red Sox manager offers update on contract discussions with team

Both the Red Sox and manager Alex Cora said from the outset they expected to keep any contract talks close to the vest, and since spring training very little has been said about where things stand between the two sides.

Cora offered some clarity Friday, saying he and the team have decided to table any discussions until after the season.

“We’re not talking about contracts during the season,” Cora said. “We’ll play it out and whatever is decided is decided.”

Cora said he decided to hold off on any further discussions out of respect for the team and his players, and that he’s confident his situation will be taken care of in the future. Cora is currently in the final year of his contract, putting his future with the Red Sox in doubt at a time the club is also integrating new chief baseball officer Craig Breslow, who was hired last fall and will have a say in whether or not Cora remains.

If Cora hits free agency he would likely become among the most coveted managers on the open market. The 2018 World Series champion remains well regarded around the game despite Boston’s recent struggles, and after new Chicago Cubs manager Craig Counsell reset the market with his historic five-year, $40 million deal — by far the largest ever for a manager — Cora could have a massive payday awaiting him.

Is it his intent to hit free agency?

“My intent is to manage today and keep helping this team to be better,” Cora said. “I think we have something good going on as far as developing players and it’s a challenge right now of course with all the injuries, but I feel really good where I’m at. I feel really good with where I’m at in my personal life, which is the most important thing. I love the Red Sox but the Cora-Feliciano team is my number one team and we’re good where we’re at.”

Even without a long-term commitment, Cora said he’s in a good place mentally and that his relationship with the franchise and the front office remains strong. Before addressing his contract status Cora was initially asked about recent comments made by Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy, who said on WEEI that the club had “under-performed” through the first two months, and Cora said he’d spoken to Kennedy and that the comments hadn’t created any friction between them.

“We’re good,” Cora said. “There’s nothing going on between us, he’s my guy, he’s been great for the organization, and we’re an under .500 team.”

Cora is currently in his sixth season managing the Red Sox, and entering Friday he ranked fifth in franchise history with 468 managerial wins.

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