Rising Crime Sinks All Boats

The immediate victims of crime are not the only ones who suffer. Rising crime rates devastate entire communities, reversing progress that in many cases has been decades in the making. Source link

The New Special Counsel Also Needs Investigating

At long last, Attorney General Merrick Garland decided to appoint a special counsel to continue the investigation of Hunter Biden, his family and associates. His choice: US Attorney David Weiss of Delaware, who has been on the case for several years. He was originally appointed as US attorney by Donald Trump, a point Democrats always … Read more

Debating Newsom Will Boost DeSantis

A potential face-off on Fox TV between Florida’s Ron DeSantis and California’s Gavin Newsom may not remind anyone of Lincoln versus Douglas, or even Kennedy and Nixon. But it would mark a huge improvement to a political campaign dominated by two old men who are losing touch with reality. Source link

Don't Sabotage Efforts To Help Women in Crisis Pregnancies

One can expect to be met with love, compassion, understanding, and critical resources for both mom and baby at pregnancy centers across the country. Yet pro-abortion federal and state lawmakers are attacking these life-affirming centers that aid pregnant mothers in need and make true choice about their pregnancy possible. Source link

How To Defeat Left-Wing Racialism

The summer of 2020 was a watershed in American life. After George Floyd’s death in police custody and the ensuing season of rioting, major institutions-from federal agencies to Fortune 100 companies-hastily pledged themselves to the narrative of critical race theory, which holds that America is a fundamentally racist nation and that public and private entities … Read more

'Net Zero' Roadmap Is Chasing Windmills

The Biden administration’s regulatory onslaught is no mere rumor. It’s a harsh reality deeply problematic for the rule of law, for the concept of self-government, for the institutions of our constitutional republic, and for federalism. And, not least, for a U.S. economy subjected to ever-increasing legal burdens, bureaucratic interference, distortions in the productivity of resource … Read more

The GOP Pledge Trap

The Republican National Committee wanted to enforce unity among GOP presidential candidates by requiring them to sign a pledge to support whoever becomes the Republican presidential nominee. But in doing so, the RNC set a trap for itself and might soon suffer the consequences. Source link

I Was Wrong About Trigger Warnings

In 2008, when I was a writer for the blog Feministe, commenters began requesting warnings at the top of posts discussing distressing topics, most commonly sexual assault. Violence is, unfortunately and inevitably, central to feminist writing. Rape, domestic violence, racist violence, misogyny-these events indelibly shape women’s lives, whether we experience them directly or adjust our … Read more

Left-Wing Late Night Hosts Disappear and No One Cares

These shows have become so insular and divisive, that unless you are the (less than) one percent of Americans who live in the bubble of their elite forest, you don’t even notice that they’ve fallen, that they are gone entirely. Entertainment Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and the rest of the leftist late-nighters have been off … Read more

Another Campaign Shake-Up Not a Good Sign for DeSantis

Historically, some presidential-campaign shake-ups and "reboots" have led to victory, while others have proved to be symptoms preceding defeat. We don’t know yet which precedent Ron DeSantis’s 2024 campaign will ultimately follow. But we do know it’s almost never a good sign when shake-ups and reboots have to be repeated. Source link

WANTED: One Billion Americans

"We’re full!" Donald Trump often shouts during his stump speeches. "We can’t take any more people in." That line may excite voters who want to restrict immigration, but is it actually true? Source link

The New Culture of Conformity

Ian Buruma’s brief stint as editor of the New York Review of Books came to a close when he found himself on the wrong end of a revolt among some of his staff. He published a piece by Jian Ghomeshi, a Canadian musician and media personality, which explored the aftermath of Ghomeshi’s experience being accused … Read more