It’s the Big Macs, stupid

A Big Mac cost $3.99 in 2014. Today, it’s $5.99. Medium fries were $1.59 a decade ago. Now, they’re $3.79. The Quarter Pounder with cheese meal went from $5.39 to $11.99. Little wonder many families have concluded that fast food is a luxury good. Source link

Bethenny Frankel makes acting debut in ‘Danger in the Dorm:’ ‘I think I’m pretty good!’

Unexpected is one way to describe Bethenny Frankel starring in Sunday night’s Lifetime movie “Danger in the Dorm.” Frankel, 53, is known as an entrepreneur with her Skinnygirl brand and many stints on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Acting never seemed a possibility. “I was called,” Frankel explained in a Zoom press conference, “by … Read more

Summer’s prime time for heat stroke in dogs

Dear Dr. John, Recently, on a particularly hot day, I went for a long walk and run with my French Bulldog. She is almost three years old and has never had any health problems. As we neared the end of our exercise, she seemed excessively weak and collapsed, panting and drooling a great deal. I … Read more

Jennifer Connelly is a mom on a mission in ‘Bad Behaviour’

An offbeat mother-daughter drama, “Bad Behaviour” begins as Jennifer Connelly’s Lucy visits a costly spiritual retreat. With its low-key guru (Ben Whishaw) and not so cozy group sessions, the retreat promises to change Lucy’s life dramatically — only emphatically not in any expected way. Her daughter Dylan (Alice Englert), working as a stuntwoman on a … Read more

6/15: CBS Weekend News – CBS News

6/15: CBS Weekend News – CBS News Watch CBS News New footage captures dramatic rescue of Israeli hostage Noa Argamani; Pennsylvania boy takes up challenge of road safety Be the first to know Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Not Now Turn On Source link

‘Zelensky Is Maybe the Greatest Salesman of Any Politician’

Former President Donald Trump described Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as being “maybe the greatest salesman of any politician.” While speaking at Turning Point Action’s “People’s Conference,” in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday, Trump criticized President Joe Biden for “wasting money at levels never seen before” and putting money into the Green New Deal. The former president … Read more