‘One Last Shot’ by Betty Cayouette

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Join the live author discussion with Molly’s Bookstore owner Andrea Iriarte Denton on June 25 at 6 p.m.

For Boston.com Book Club’s June pick, we’re reading a summertime, second-chance love story that’s “equal parts heart-wrenching and inspiring,” according to Publisher’s Weekly.

Betty Cayouette’s debut novel “One Last Shot” tells the story of Emerson and Theo, a supermodel and a photographer with a past marriage pact who reconnect on a photoshoot in the picturesque seaside villages of Cinque Terre, Italy.

Cayouette will join Andrea Irirarte Dent, the owner of Molly’s Bookstore, in conversation later this month for our Book Club event.

Read on to learn more about “One Last Shot”, author Betty Cayouette, our discussion moderator and Molly’s Bookstore owner Andrea Iriarte Dent, and what critics are saying about the book.

What is “One Last Shot” about?

Since they met as teenagers, Emerson and Theo were inseparable. But just when they finally expressed their feelings to one another, they were torn apart.

When supermodel Emerson is nearing her 28th birthday, the calendar reminder for the marriage pact she and Theo made as teens goes off on her phone, and she realizes this is her chance to try again at their relationship. 

She convinces her agent to book her as the face of the fashion campaign that Theo, now a photographer, is shooting. The story of their friendship and second-chance love story unfolds in the pages of “One Last Shot,” Cayouette’s debut novel. Her writing was praised for its multi-layered characters, structure, and plot.

“Cayouette’s skill at creating multiple points of view, sympathetic characters you’ll root for from page one, and satisfying plot twists make her a talent to keep an eye on,” Stephen McCauley, author of “My Ex-Life,” said of the book. “One Last Shot is surely just the beginning of a great career,” he added.

Who is author Betty Cayouette?

@bettysbooklist preorder my debut romance novel One Last Shot by Betty Cayouette wherever books are sold 💕 preorders are truly life changing for debut authors and I am so grateful for each and every one! #booktok #onelastshot #friendstolovers #romancebooks ♬ original sound – Betty Cayouette

Elizabeth (“Betty”) Cayouette is an author, viral video content creator, and cinematographer. She graduated summa cum laude from Brandeis University, according to her LinkedIn.

In 2021, she was named a Brandeis BOLD 9 winner for sparking creativity, conversation and change in her field. She also won the Sony Alpha Female contest in 2021 for her work in getting girls into video production.

Three years ago, Betty created @bettysbooklist, a popular TikTok and Instagram book recommendation account. Her TikTok has garnered 5.8 million likes, with her Instagram retaining a following of over 126,000 strong. The author started the viral trend of acting out the plot of the book as the main character, according to her LinkedIn. Cayouette currently lives in Salem.

About the local bookstore

Molly’s Bookstore, located at 667-669 Main Street in Melrose, is an independent, Latina and immigrant-owned bookstore. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Iriarte Dent)

Molly’s Bookstore, located at 667-669 Main St. in Melrose, is an independent, Latina and immigrant-owned bookstore. The shop opened one year ago in March.

Owner Andrea Iriarte Dent had always dreamed of owning a bookstore, and is thrilled that the shop has become a hub for the Melrose community.

“I really, really wanted it to be that third place where people come to. We’ve only been here one year, but it’s amazing what a big part of our community we have become,” she said in an interview with Boston.com.

Andrea Iriarte Dent, the owner of Molly’s Bookstore, immigrated to the U.S. from Guatemala in 2008. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to own a bookstore. (Photo by Lyndsay Hannah)

Named after a beloved family dog, Molly’s Bookstore has a wide variety of book offerings for all ages. Iriarte Dent said she often has customers come into the store looking for – and finding – unique, independent voices.

“I really am all about supporting independent writers, different voices. I have a lot of people come in and tell me that they will always find a weird book,” Iriarte Dent said, laughing. “Yes, you will. I like to show something different.”

The bookstore also hosts regular events and author talks, as well as a book club, Molly’s Mini’s, for kids ages 8 to 12.

“It’s so much fun to read the books with them, then discuss it with the kids, and to create lifelong readers,” she said.

Iriarte Dent said Cayouette’s debut novel was a very fun read and she felt connected to the characters.

“It’s very human, because the whole thing of ‘Oh, let’s get married by 28,’ I mean who doesn’t do that with your friends?” she joked.

What critics are saying about the book

“Cayouette crafts an engaging story that jumps back and forth between the protagonists’ high school days and the present… The emotional aspects of the romance take center stage in this heartfelt first novel.”

Library Journal

“A story of estranged childhood friends reuniting in adulthood, One Last Shot has everything I look for in a great romance read, with heartache, history, and loads of chemistry on every page. It’s a tender exploration of long lost love set in the high stakes world of the modeling industry, making for a whirlwind ride that will have you swooning one moment and welling up with tears the next.”

Bridget Morrissey, author of “A Thousand Miles

“A romantic exploration of love, friendship, miscommunication, and growing up. Betty Cayouette’s writing shimmers with heart, hope and a deep affection for her characters. One Last Shot is a delightful summer read, and a debut not to be missed.”

Hanna Halperin, author of “I Could Live Here Forever

Join the conversation with Betty Cayouette and Andrea Iriarte Dent as they discuss “One Last Shot” on June 25 at 6 p.m.

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