NBA analyst reflects on ‘Felger and Mazz’ appearance


Redick and Felger butted heads when discussing the recent years of the Celtics, leading Redick to ponder if Boston will even be satisfied with an NBA championship.

J.J. Redick butted heads with Michael Felger over the Boston Celtics this week. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

J.J. Redick made an appearance on NBCSports Boston and 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Felger and Mazz” radio show earlier this week. From the sound of it, it doesn’t seem like he’ll reprise that role anytime soon.

His frustration with the appearance seemed to stem from the negative attitude host Michael Felger had around the Celtics, who earned the NBA’s best regular season record and are 12-2 in the postseason.

Negativity has been a notorious calling card of Boston sports radio for years, and Redick is generally more positively spoken about NBA stars and teams in particular.

Following the appearance, Redick asked a simple question on his podcast, “Old Man and the Three,” to The Ringer’s Ryen Russillo.

“Perhaps this was sparked by a radio appearance that I did yesterday,” Redick said, alluding to his “Felger and Mazz” interview. “It feels like the Boston Celtics are the favorites, should be the favorites. … My question to you is, will people in Boston be happy if they win the championship?”

Felger specifically argued on his radio show that since the Celtics are the best team on paper heading into the NBA Finals, they’d have to be ‘outworked’ or have some other similar problem in order to lose.

“I don’t think you get outworked at this stage of basketball. I think that’s a asinine way to talk about the NBA,” Redick said in response to Felger. “Boston’s had a lot of success man. It’s hard to win a championship. … You get to this stage it the season, and it’s a little more of a chess match. It’s not who’s outworking someone or who wants it more.”

Though he’s been fond of the Celtics all season long, and publicly proclaims himself as a big Derrick White fan, Redick also acknowledged that the Dallas Mavericks are a good defensive team against isolation, which the Celtics base most of their offense around.

Redick has made plenty of podcast, television, and radio appearances since his retirement from the NBA in 2021. It’s possible that he’s crossed “Felger and Mazz” off his list for good after this week.

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