Massachusetts DPW director pays $17,000 fine for accepting free ski trips, other gifts

Yet another Bay State municipal worker has paid a big fine for accepting free ski trips and other gifts from a water meter manufacturer and its distributor.

Danvers DPW Director David Lane has paid a $17,000 civil penalty for violating the state’s conflict of interest law, according to the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission.

Lane admitted to accepting free ski trips, a golf outing, and a steakhouse dinner from a water meter manufacturer and its distributor, the commission announced on Tuesday.

This fine comes after current or former employees of Danvers, Franklin, Natick, Salem, Southampton, and the Sudbury Water District paid civil penalties to resolve similar conflict of interest law violations related to accepting ski trips from the water meter manufacturer and distributor.

The Danvers department of public works uses a brand of water meter throughout its service area made by an Alabama-based manufacturer, and sourced through the manufacturer’s sole authorized New England distributor. Lane has oversight responsibility for the DPW’s water meter purchases.

The water meter manufacturer and its distributor reportedly hosted ski trips and other events, and they invited employees of several municipal water districts and departments of public works, including Lane.

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