I-95 repair lookback; Soul searching at Mütter; PA ad spending

Remember last June, when a highway bridge on I-95 in Tacony collapsed in a fiery disaster that threatened to halt commerce and transport along the East Coast, and sent big rigs on detours through surrounding residential neighborhoods? 

BP’s Meir Rinde takes a walk down memory lane to relive the fears of a major traffic meltdown, the glory of the greatest (?) hoagiemouth ever, and the surprising speed with which Philly work crews have finished the repairs. Continue reading… 

Philadelphia sports mascots rode over the new patch connecting I-95. (Office of Gov. Shapiro)

Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum has been doing some soul-searching in the past few years — to determine its role and mission, and to have a broader conversation about displaying human remains.

After months of focus groups, open houses, and a contentious town hall meeting last year, the museum opens its latest exhibit, the “Postmortem Project,” which asks visitors to respond. Continue reading… 

A nursing uniform and other artifacts from the Blockley Almshouse, which provided medical care for the impoverished in Philadelphia from 1835 to 1919, are displayed in the ”Postmortem Project” exhibit. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

RECAP: What else happened?

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• Ad spending for 2024 presidential election goes mostly to swing states — especially Pennsylvania. Out of more than $70 million spent on ads (TV, radio, satellite and digital), more than $20 million has been spent in Pennsylvania. [NPR/WHYY]

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