‘Home Alone’ house on the market for $5.25 million

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The home was last sold in 2012 for $1.585 million by the family that owned the house when “Home Alone” was filmed.

Security cameras are installed at the house featured in the movie “Home Alone” in Winnetka, Ill., in 2021. Youngrae Kim for The Washington Post

The massive brick house made famous by the 1990 holiday film “Home Alone” has been listed for sale with a price of $5.25 million.

The home was last sold in 2012 for $1.585 million by the family that owned the house when “Home Alone” was filmed. The listing’s agent, Katie Moor of the Dawn McKenna Group, declined to comment on potential buyers this time around.

The 9,126-square-feet, five-bedroom, six-bathroom house, which is located a short distance from Lake Michigan in Winnetka, Ill., includes a wood-burning fireplace and a hot tub.There’s also an indoor basketball court without a scary basement furnace in sight. (We’re pretty sure the windows make for good Christmas tree displays, too.)

The listing describes the house as “one of the most iconic movie residences in American pop culture” and “a masterpiece of traditional style.” But this isn’t exactly the same house you’ll see in the Christmastime classic.

The home, originally built in 1921, was fully renovated and expanded in 2018, according to the listing.

Outside of the new finishings, of course, the house comes with another feature – being a tourist attraction. Decades after the film’s release, the “Home Alone” house still draws fans and visitors from around the world during the holiday season. As The Post previously reported, security cameras and a fence have been installed outside the house for added privacy from visitors. In December 2021, Airbnb rented out the house for super fans for $25 for a one-night stay.

The “Home Alone” house also serves as a conversation starter into the economics of the McAllister family. In December 2023, travel experts talked to The Post about the cost of the McAllister’s family trip from Illinois to Paris as seen in the original “Home Alone” film, and suggested that the flights, buses and hotels would cost the family thousands of dollars. Discussions about the McAllister family fortune has become so outlandish that there are theories that Kevin’s dad might have been tied to the mob.

That said, if the home is worth millions, a costly trip to Paris might not have been much of an expense for the McAllister family. Though it does make you wonder why Kevin’s dad flipped out over a $967.43 room service bill in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

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