Here’s a list of 800+ Movement Music Festival and after-party performances

Detroit is going to be so lit this weekend.

With the annual techno-centered Movement Music Festival comes dozens of auxiliary parties running throughout Memorial Day weekend at all times of the day and night.

Canadian DJ Gin Ebony, an extremely organized and ambitious festival fan, even created an entire spreadsheet of Movement festival and after-party performances.

It’s called “Gin’s Cracked Out 2024 DEMF Spreadsheet” and it currently has 868 rows and counting.

There are four sections of the spreadsheet, two of which focus on the events. The first page is a list of performers in alphabetical order alongside coinciding venues linked to Google Maps, party names linked to tickets, and set times.

The second is a visual schedule that breaks down events into days of the week and color-coded venues.

Gin Ebony has been compiling this list for the festival for years. The third page is a “new experiment” where people can gift their extra tickets to others by either filling out a ticket gifting form or a ticket request form. It seems that available tickets will all be listed on the final page of the spreadsheet.

The same section also has a message stating: “Peace Love Unity Respect, gifting tickets = no monetary exchange, use this service at your own risk, wear earplugs, share your candy, take care of each other, say nice things about Detroit, look at events listed on, and tip!”

The next page of the spreadsheet is where you can tip the creator of the spreadsheet through Venmo or PayPal. This list must have taken a lot of time and work, so we’re sure any love would be much appreciated.

Check out the full Google Sheets document, have a fun and safe weekend, and be sure to thank Gin!

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