Fans dancing in the rain at Beyond Wonderland music festival

Determined music fans pulled ponchos over tutus, checkered stockings, bikini bottoms and other costumes on Saturday at Beyond Wonderland.

With little interruption, rain poured on the inaugural, two-day electronic dance music festival at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island. Given that poor weather conditions also impacted the Sueños Music Festival in Grant Park last week, the city’s festival season is off to a less-than-ideal start.

Still, the show went on, although areas around the “Alice in Wonderland”-themed stage areas (“Cheshire Woods,” “Mad Hatter’s Castle,” “Queen’s Domain,” etc.) were half-full.

Attendees huddled under any shelter they could find, including a group of people congregated under a decorative, black-and-white rectangular structure featuring painted chess pieces. Those lucky enough to have VIP passes relaxed in tents and covered seating.

“It sucks to have the rain on the first night,” said Rachel Hunter, 32, who traveled to the festival from Minneapolis with her wife, Katie Cornille, and their friend, Amy Verdonik. “But at the same time, I think it’s the energy you go into it with. If you’re like, ‘This is going to suck,’ it’s going to suck.”

Festivalgoers made the most of their time at the event, which started in 2010 on the West Coast. Managed by the Insomniac event company, the Chicago iteration featured sets by Kascade, Diplo and Benny Benassi on Saturday. (Tiësto is among the acts performing on Sunday, from 2-11 p.m.) Beyond the music, the fest included rides (a Ferris wheel, slides, etc.) fair food staples (burgers, pretzels, ice cream) and creative cocktails (watermelon chili margarita, cherry bourbon lemonade).

Attendees didn’t let the rain ruin their creative outfits, which they documented at selfie stations or in front of mushroom murals. They also ventured out around the festival grounds, even braving past a river of mud that began to form in the field.

And they didn’t shy away from making new friends — a major reason several people cited for attending festivals. (There was even a friendship bracelet-making station in one of the VIP tents.)

“So many people are so open for friendship,” said Hunter, who attended Beyond Wonderland SoCal in California last year. “Everyone is very jovial. It’s a sense of community. And then it’s also this loud music, and when you have that 9 to 5, it’s nice to come out and be like, ‘I have no responsibilities beyond just vibes.’”

Longtime rave-attendee Fonte Drisdom, 31, of St. Louis, described his fellow attendees as “family.”

“I can meet any one of these people out here and it’ll be like we’ve known each other all our lives,” he said.

Drisdom named the Mad Hatter’s Castle as a popular area on the festival grounds. Indeed, when JEANIE took the stage during the afternoon, she drew a significant segment of the audience.

Multiple attendees said EDM concerts provide them with a sense of escapism.

“I absolutely love to dance,” said Fred James, 58, of Michigan, “And EDM gives you a nice, consistent rhythm so that you can just close your eyes and just go with it.”

James said the festival atmosphere was the polar opposite of his day job, allowing him to express his “spicy” alter ego.

“Being an engineer is very cut and dry,” he said. “We’re very risk-averse. It’s good to go out here and just be free.”

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