Eviction diversion program; Drexel encampment cleared; Board games and arcades

Philly’s temporary, pandemic-inspired Eviction Diversion Program is slated to sunset at the end of June. Housing advocates say it should be made permanent, and now they have the support of City Council’s Committee on Housing, Neighborhood Development, and the Homeless. 

The program — now considered a national model — requires landlords to try to resolve disputes with tenants outside of court. Since 2020, more than 7,000 landlord-tenant pairs have participated in mediation — with around 70% of them reaching an agreement. Aaron Moselle from WHYY’s PlanPhilly explains the program and its impact amid an affordable housing crisis. Continue reading…

North Broad Street side of Philadelphia City Hall. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

Inside what was once a pizzeria on South Street now stands three floors of gaming fun, featuring more than 2,000 board games, 30-plus retro arcade cabinets, two bars and dining service.

BP’s Nick Kariuki explored the new Queen & Rook Game Café — literally a stone’s throw from its previous spot — and found a setting founder and co-owner Edward Garcia hopes will overwhelm visitors of all ages with an unimaginable variety of options. Continue reading…  

the entrance to Queen & Rook's retro arcade
Queen & Rook’s retro arcade in the basement level has over 30 machines. (Nick Kariuki/Billy Penn)

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• Pro-Palestinian protesters at Drexel leave encampment as police arrive. [6ABC/WHYY]

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