Detroit’s UFO Factory is not dead, actually

We’re sorry for scaring you with our reporting that the UFO Factory is closing. We were wrong.

Well, sort of.

The popular Corktown bar and music venue will instead be reopening with a new owner and name but will mostly keep its lovable essence.

Roula David, the owner of Detroit nightclub, art gallery, and record store Spot Lite, has purchased UFO Factory and will rename it UFO BAR, reports WDET. However, the current staff will stay, alongside the humble menu of cold beer and hot dogs.

The owners of UFO Factory posted to Instagram on June 3 to announce that the venue’s last day would be June 15.

“[We] are getting out of the bar/restaurant/venue biz!” the post said. “[What’s] next to come at 2110 Trumbull??? All will be revealed soon soon soon and fear not if you loved OUR #ufoFACTORY you are likely to be pleased with the next evolution (more info coming soon🤔).”

Since its opening in 2014, UFO Factory has been a local staple for underground rock and punk shows, as well as queer-focused DJ nights. The venue is also known for its quirky pink-walled gender-neutral bathrooms, which have become a premier selfie destination for local hipsters.

So while the closure announcement left room for a new beginning, many were still concerned about the bar’s unknown destiny. But, there’s no need to worry.

The OG UFO Factory’s days will come to an end on Saturday, with a trio of Detroit bands performing to mark the end of an era. Then, the venue will take a short break before launching as UFO BAR with a grand reopening by the end of July.

UFO BAR will introduce a new late-night menu and event lineup, though much of the programming will remain the same.

Fans of Laika Dog, the vegan hot dog spot at UFO Factory, might be disappointed to learn it will be no longer. However, the bar will still offer gourmet vegan hot dogs from Spot Lite’s resident food truck, Gladys Nite.

David also plans to bring more life to UFO Factory’s iconic “cloud deck” and maintain the record store inside, expanding the selection to include new genres beyond just the usual rock offerings.

The Spot Lite owner purchased the building earlier this year through a multi-year land contract after hearing that previous owner Dion Fischer and his partners were ready to move on, according to WDET. Under a newly formed hospitality group Lite House, UFO BAR will operate under the management of David and the team at Spot Lite.

Cheers to a new era! 

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