Could New England see the Northern Lights again? ‘The aurora may become visible’

Can the Northern Lights strike twice within a month?

After New Englanders were recently treated to the brilliant aurora, they could have another shot at seeing the dazzling light display this weekend.

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a “Geomagnetic Storm WATCH” for Friday and Saturday, alerting residents that the event could lead to people seeing the Northern Lights.

“The aurora may become visible over some northern and upper Midwest states from New York to Idaho,” reads the geomagnetic storm watch.

“A coronal mass ejection is an eruption of solar material,” the watch states. “When they arrive at Earth, a geomagnetic storm can result.”

People won’t have to worry about clouds Friday night, according to the National Weather Service’s Boston office.

“It looks like it will be absolutely clear,” said meteorologist Frank Nocera. “So there should be no issues with viewing any geomagnetic storms.”

Earlier in May, many residents in Massachusetts got a good look at the stunning Northern Lights during an “unusual and potentially historic event.”

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