You will get rid of all Gmail spam mails in one go

You will get rid of all Gmail spam mails in one go, 90 percent of users are unaware of this trick.

If you use Google’s email service Gmail, then you must be facing a problem every day. This problem is to find useful mails among a lot of mails. This is a common problem for Gmail users. Do you know that you can delete useless mails from a lot of mails in one go. For this, you have to create a label.

If you use Google’s email platform Gmail, then this trick is going to prove useful for you.

Do you also feel that there are many such mails lying in the inbox which are of no use. Due to these mails, you face difficulty in finding useful mails, then you can delete them in one go.

Useless mails become a problem among useful mails

Actually, users get many such options on Gmail, using which work on Gmail can be made easier. However, many users are not aware of these settings. You can collect all useless mails at one place by creating a label i.e. a separate folder on the mail.

For this, it is necessary for all these mails to have a common keyword. This keyword is unsubscribe or subscribe to sort out spam messages. In this article, we are explaining the entire process of deleting all useless mails.

Delete spam mail in one go like this

First of all, Gmail has to be opened on the desktop.

Now you have to type unsubscribe in the search box at the top and search.

Now you have to click on the search option on the right.

Now you have to click on Create filter.

Now you have to click on Also apply filter to matching conversations.

You can also give the name of the label as Subscription with Apply the label.

Now you have to tap on Create filter.

As soon as the label is created, you will be able to see the new label under the labels on the left side of the main screen.

On selecting the label, all the mails will be visible at one place.

Now you have to check the box at the top to select all the mails.

Along with doing this, the delete icon will also appear, you have to tap on it.

Now all the spam mails will be deleted simultaneously.

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