You will forget to smile after watching the trailer of ‘Smile 2’

You will forget to smile after watching the trailer of ‘Smile 2′, Naomi and Lucas’ film will be released on this date.

There is tremendous news for the horror movie lovers. The teaser trailer of ‘Smile 2’ has been released. Along with this, the makers of the film have also unveiled the release date. The trailer of this film adorned with stars like Naomi Scott and Lucas Gage will make your soul tremble. Let’s know what is special in the trailer of ‘Smile 2’

Naomi Scott and Lucas Gage’s film ‘Smile 2’ has been produced by Paramount. This film is a sequel to the suspense and horror film ‘Smile’. The trailer of ‘Smile 2’ begins with the return of the Smile entity. In the very first scene of the trailer, Lucas Gage is seen with the same scary smile which will make the audience’s heart stop.

By watching the teaser trailer of ‘Smile 2’, one can guess how scary this film is going to be. In every scene of this film, Lucas Gage tries to kill himself and then after that the same deathly smile is seen on his face, seeing which Naomi Scott, who plays Skye in the film, gets scared. Seeing the trailer, it seems that Naomi Scott is playing the role of a rockstar in the film.

In the film ‘Smile’, grief and trauma were basically shown. At the same time, the teaser trailer of ‘Smile 2’ seems to take the same story forward. Although at the end of ‘Smile’ no character of the film was left alive, but its ending was quite shocking. Now seeing the trailer of ‘Smile 2’, it seems that the entity has returned, seeing which people start harming themselves.

After seeing the teaser of ‘Smile 2’, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the audience. At the same time, the makers of the film have also revealed the release date of the film along with the release of the trailer. This film will be released in theaters on October 18 this year.

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