Woman arrested for assaulting police in Times Square brawl: NYPD

Police have arrested another person over allegations that she was involved in a group that assaulted two NYPD officers in Times Square in January.

Edgarlis Vegas, 20, is the latest to face charges in the brawl, which took place outside a migrant shelter on Jan. 27 and has fueled an already-contentious debate over the influx of migrants in New York City.

Several others have been arrested and charged in connection with the incident, though Manhattan prosecutors earlier this month dropped charges against a 22-year-old man whom police initially misidentified as a suspect.

Attorney information for Vegas was not immediately available. Police said she lives in Brooklyn.

The scuffle garnered widespread media coverage, with conservative pundits casting it as part of a pattern of crimes allegedly committed by migrants to the United States, even as official data does not support that characterization. Police Commissioner Edward Caban in early February publicly referenced a purported “wave of migrant crime” caused by a small number of new arrivals — rhetoric that sparked pushback from immigration advocates and progressives.

Police said on Monday that they were still looking for two people in connection with the Times Square incident.

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