Windows Tips: What are you doing on your laptop

Windows Tips: Windows tracks everything you are doing on your laptop, deactivate it this way.

Microsoft Recall, the company’s upcoming AI-powered feature that tracks every search you make on your Windows machine, has now been criticized by both developers and users, citing user privacy and security concerns. Here we will tell you how you can turn off this activity tracking.

Microsoft’s upcoming AI-powered feature, Recall, has started discussions about user privacy. The feature allows users to search their entire Windows history, raising concerns about data collection and security.

Microsoft has tried to address these issues by making Recall opt-in and adding authentication, but some users still suspect that the company is already passively tracking user activity.

What is activity tracking?

This suspicion has started coming from a similar feature called ‘Timeline’ introduced by Microsoft earlier. Timeline allows users to see their past activity, but was on a smaller scale than Recall.

With Timeline, Microsoft introduced the ‘Activity Tracking’ feature, which syncs user data across devices for a smoother workflow. Although Microsoft discontinued Timeline in 2021, activity tracking works by default on Windows 10 and 11.

How to deactivate

First open the Settings app.

Now go to Privacy in Windows 10 and Privacy and Security in Windows 11.

Then select Activity History on the left.

Uncheck both ‘Store my activity on this device’ and ‘Show activities from these accounts’.

Clear Activity History

If you want Windows to forget your past activities, click the Clear button in “Clear your activity history”.

Disabling activity tracking will not affect your Windows experience, as this feature mainly works in the Timeline feature now.

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