Will Prime’s ‘Three Pines’ return?

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Q: Will Amazon Prime continue “Three Pines”? It ended with a cliffhanger.

A: And the cliffhanger remains unresolved. The Quebec-set policy mystery starred Alfred Molina and Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and originally ran for eight episodes on Prime Video in December 2022. A second season was not ordered.
Based on novels by Louise Penny, the show had admirers besides you. Brian Tallerico of rogerebert.com called it “a very solid procedural” and said that “cases are elaborately ridiculous in a way that pushes on the edge of disbelief, but Molina sells them.”

Still, according to TV Insider, showrunner Emilia di Giorlamo was told that Prime and the production companies “all wanted to bring the show back but were unable to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.”

That, by the way, means that two series with Indigenous actors in major roles have been canceled after a single season this year, the other being “Alaska Daily.” Of “Three Pines,” Tailfeathers said, “It has been difficult to process the news that there will be no second season. … It meant the world to me knowing that this show resonated with such a massive global audience. … Our stories matter and this show demonstrated that audiences, regardless of background, are hungry for Indigenous content.”

Q: Any idea if there will be new “Star Trek” movies in the next two years or so?

A: While there have been several new “Star Trek” TV series in recent years (and I especially like “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”), there hasn’t been a major movie since “Star Trek Beyond” in 2016. Although that makes me skeptical about a new movie arriving anytime soon, some reports at least say one is in the works. After the writers’ strike ended in September, Variety reported that Paramount hoped it can now have writers fine-tuning the script for a planned reboot of “Star Trek,” the fourth movie in the Chris Pine-starring sequence.

Q: I really enjoyed “The Paper Chase” on, I think, Showtime starring John Houseman. About students in law school, it lasted a couple of seasons. Can you give me any information about it now?

A: First, some information about it then. “The Paper Chase” began its screen life in 1973 as a movie based on the novel by John Jay Osborn Jr. The movie starred Timothy Bottoms as law student James Hart and John Houseman as the formidable professor Charles Kingsfield. Houseman won a best supporting actor Oscar for his performance.

In 1978 CBS premiered the TV series “The Paper Chase” with Houseman back as Kingsfield and James Stephens now playing Hart. Much praised, with an Emmy nomination for best drama, the series nonetheless had a relatively small audience and CBS dropped it after one season. Showtime then picked up the series in 1983, with Houseman, Stephens and several supporting players returning. The series lasted three more seasons, ending in 1986.

There are DVD releases of the entire series which you can still find for sale, for example on Amazon. (You may also want to see if your local library carries it.) It also appears that the entire series is on YouTube.

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