Why are fire goats dying in the North Bay?

(KRON) — There’s a dead goat mystery in the North Bay.

More than a dozen goats have died and several more have gotten sick. The goats are part of a large herd brought in to help the city of Tiburon with their fire abatement program.

City officials hope the problem can be figured out and the goats can come back to tackle their job.

About two weeks ago more than 300 goats arrived in Tiburon. The goats were brought in by the city to eliminate weeds in open spaces in order to reduce potential fire fuel. However, soon after getting going on the land, the goats got sick.

Tiburon’s mayor, Jack Ryan, revealed that 14 goats died and 15 more got sick.

“Capra Environmental swooped in and brought the herd back to their stables,” said Mayor Ryan.

A spokesperson says their veterinarian examined the animals to figure out what was wrong.

“They think that it is possible it was a species of plant, French Bloom, that got them sick. But the tests were inconclusive,” said Mayor Ryan.

Ryan says this was the first time the city employed goats to manage its open space.

“It is a great way to mitigate fire risk in town,” said Mayor Ryan. “We used weed wackers the other times. Maybe in a smaller environment we think, more eyes on the herd to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Ryan says the city has a contract for the goats to munch on five other parcels. The hope is the mystery can be solved, and the goats can safely come back to town.

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