Who Is Yeonmi Park Current Partner Or BF After Her Separation? Parents And Settlement Details

Find out ‘Who Is Yeonmi Park Current Partner Or BF After Her Separation?’ Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and activist who has achieved international success as a best-selling book, TED Speaker, and Youtuber.

The TED Speaker applied to and was admitted to Columbia University’s School of General Studies after studying classes at Barnard College. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2020 with a major in economics.

The North Korean defector, however, struggled a lot in her formative years before relocating to the United States. She gained notoriety after her account of leaving her birthplace North Korea became well-known worldwide.

Who Is Yeonmi Park Current Partner Or BF After Her Separation?
Who Is Yeonmi Park Current Partner Or BF After Her Separation?

The activist currently maintains a YouTube channel where she gives information on North Korean lifestyle and is frequently seen advocating for those who are still having issues in the nation.

Who Is Yeonmi Park Current Partner Or BF After Her Separation?

Currently single, the YouTuber has no romantic partners. After divorcing her ex-husband, she is not currently seeing anybody and has no new partner.

The TED Speaker appears to be, however, preoccupied with developing her professional career and finding her voice in order to bring justice to the North Korean people.

The North Korean defector married American citizen Ezekiel in 2017. Nevertheless, the pair divorced in 2020. Later, in January 2021, she said on her YouTube channel that she had grown away from her ex-partner and was now single.

In March 2018, the activist and her ex-husband also had a kid.

Who Are Yeonmi Park Parents?

The North Korean defector was born on October 4, 1993, in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, North Korea, to parents Park Jin Sik and Keum Sook Byeon.

The activist’s father was a civil servant who worked at her local town hall as a member of the nation’s ruling Workers’ Party of Korea. Her mother was a nurse in the Korean People’s Army.

Yeonmi Park
The North Korean defector with her parents. (Source: Facebook)

The YouTuber’s father was unable to complete his military duty owing to a severe case of appendicitis at the time. Her father received a jail sentence in November 2002 for illegally trading salt, sugar, and other spices, which led to the family’s financial difficulties.

In addition, Park’s family fled from North Korea to China in 2007 and lived there until 2009. Then, in 2009, they moved to South Korea, and in 2014, they arrived in the United States. The family had experienced several difficulties during their travel since they had miscarried and were unable to assist one another.

Yeonmi Park Settlement In Detail

The North Korean defector has kept the facts of her divorce out of the public eye; the former couple’s agreement on a settlement has not been made public.

Yeonmi Park
Yeonmi Park with Joe Rogan who is an stand up comedian. (Source: Instagram)

The YouTuber officially announced her divorce, but she hasn’t discussed the specifics of it on social media. It appears that the speaker preferred for the split to be announced to her fans than for rumors of untrue accusations to circulate on social media.

The activist has also not stated if she is co-parenting her kid with her ex-partner or whether they get along well enough to foster a positive co-parenting relationship for her son.

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