Where Are They Now? March Madness Names Of The Past

The tournament isn’t just an annual event but has a throughline of sports and college athletics history. When the brackets come out, we all sit there and gaze at it as if it were a piece or art just brimming with potential. We feel like we know what’s supposed to happen, but it rarely ever works like that. Someone will get upset … but who? Who will be the players who either take over an entire tournament or just grab hold of a moment and make it last a lifetime?

Many famous players have come through the NCAA tournament while others became famous for what they did in it. Some seized the moment, whether that was a dominating Final Four run or a guy who came out of nowhere and grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself. A huge shot. Many huge shots that led to one of the more memorable games or tournament runs ever. Guys who you know came up big when it counted.

Some of those guys never enter that level of (or any) spotlight again. Many go on to non-descript professional basketball careers while others “went pro” in something else. But everytime March rolls around we remember them and how they made us felt. They are the life of the Big Dance.

Here are some March Madness names of the past and what they’ve been up to since you cheered them on in the tournament. 

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