What to expect at Uni Japanese Cuisine, Philly’s newest sushi spot

A 30-year friendship has blossomed into a business for Brian Wang and Robby Ming with last week’s opening of Uni Japanese Cuisine at 1900 Pine St.

Formerly Towne Pizza Sub shop, the 1,000 square foot corner space now offers a lineup of sushi, sashimi, noodles, Japanese omelets, and bento boxes. Across from three of the restaurant’s 41 seats, a flat-top grill fires up the menu’s hibachi-style options.

Sushi chef Tommy Chandra, 30, hard at work at Uni Japanese Cuisine. (Ali Mohsen/Billy Penn)

Wang, 50, and Ming, 52, first met as business students in Indonesia, where they’re both from. Their friendship has been mostly long-distance. After college Wang spent a year in Japan as a sushi chef before moving to New York City in 1996, using it as a hub between three-to-four-month stints at Chinese restaurants across the country, from New Jersey, North Carolina, and Nebraska, to Utah, California, and Hawaii.

“I was always looking for a challenge,” Wang told Billy Penn. “When there wasn’t much to learn anymore, I’d just move and learn [elsewhere].”

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