USA: ‘From my heart’ – Zelensky thanks Biden for support during Oval Office meeting

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked US President Joe Biden ‘from the hearts of Ukrainians’ for Washington’s financial and military support during a meeting at the White House on Wednesday.

“I really, all my appreciation from my heart, from the hearts of Ukrainians, all Ukrainians, from our nation, strong nation, all the appreciation to you, first of all, Mr President, for your big support and leadership across Europe,” Zelensky said.

“Thanks, Congress and thanks from our ordinary just people to your ordinary people, Americans, I really appreciate. I think it’s very difficult to understand what does it mean when we say, ‘Appreciate,’ but you really have to feel it and thank you so much,” he added.

Later in the meeting between the two Presidents, Zelensky presented his US counterpart with a commemorative cross awarded for military merit. The Ukrainian head of state said it was given to him by the captain of the HIMARS battery unit.

“I want to give you something. One guy, he’s really, real hero, real captain. And he asked me to pass his award. And he asked me to pass this award to President Biden. You will understand. He is the captain of HIMARS battery. Yes, he is very brave, and he said, ‘give it to very brave president’,” Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian President is expected to engage in extended talks with Biden during his surprise visit to Washington in a bid to secure more financial aid and support for his country from one of its closest allies.

Zelensky is also expected to address members of Congress later in the day.

President Zelensky’s first visit to the US since the ongoing conflict with Russia began last February was shrouded in secrecy amid security concerns.

The Ukrainian head of state travelled to Poland by train before boarding an American military aircraft bound for Joint Base Andrews, on the outskirts of Washington, DC.

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