USA: Drone captures ‘tent city’ for migrants outside El Paso in preparation for end of Title 42

US Border Patrol has set up large tents in northeast El Paso in preparation for a surge of migrants who are expected to cross the border with Mexico as soon as the Title 42 health policy comes to an end.

Footage filmed on Tuesday features massive tents in a patch of desert, which covers an area the size of several football fields, as well as vehicles carrying equipment and machinery.

The makeshift facility will reportedly serve as an overflow processing center when Title 42 expires.

The tents have become the first of ten soft-sided facilities along the southwest border US Customs and Border Protection reportedly planned to build to help process migrants.

Migrants buildup at the border and bordering states continues as Title 42 border restriction rule will expire soon.

The border restriction has allowed US border agents to immediately expel migrants, who have crossed the southern border illegally during the COVID outbreak.

Migrants without documentation have few options for shelter or protection, with only those turning themselves into Border Force agents qualifying for state-run help.

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