UK: ‘We are doing this for you as much as for us’ – Nurses walk out across London over salaries and work conditions

Nurses across London decided to protest against work conditions and salaries on Monday.

Many professionals were recorded in front of Hammersmith Hospital in West London chanting and holding signs reading ‘Staff shortages cost lives’.

“Nurses are overworked at the moment and underpaid, and stretched, and there’s no retention of staff because of this. We are doing this for you as much as for us,” said Sam, one of the protesters.

The strikes follow a government refusal to pay nurses and public sector staff in line with inflation. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak argued that increasing public sector wages would entrench inflation in the economy.

Nurses were joined by paramedics and physiotherapists in other parts of the country. But, to make sure patient care is maintained, the strikes were staggered in London.

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