UAW strike: Stellantis offered 20% raises, future for idled Belvidere workers

Ford and GM also have offered raises totaling 20 percent, according to their most recent public proposals.

Stellantis on Saturday said its latest offer would remove the different wage scale at Mopar parts facilities.

Rich Boyer, vice president of the UAW’s Stellantis department, said during a fiery speech during a Friday rally in downtown Detroit, that the company wants to close six Mopar sites. The UAW has said Stellantis wants the unilateral right to close or sell off 18 facilities, including some assembly plants, powertrain plants and parts depots.

Stewart on Saturday said he wanted to clarify the company’s plans for Mopar.

“The vast majority of that proposal, it’s about modernizing our operations, a lot of it in Mopar, enabling us to run our PDCs, our part distribution centers, in a really efficient manner [and], at the same time, preserving the same number of jobs,” Stewart said. “There’s no job elimination with that. We have a lot of older PDCs which need to be modernized.”

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