UAW promises to strike selected car plants if no deal reached

Fain said he would reveal the names of the first wave of plants Thursday evening at 10 p.m. EDT — two hours before contracts expire. He said a full-on strike against every plant also remained on the table.

Fain also revealed details of the automakers’ most recent proposals. The proposed wage increases were 20 percent from Ford, 18 percent at General Motors and 17.5 percent from Stellantis. All three would cut in half the time it takes to make top wages to four years, down from eight years today.

“We’re making progress at each of the three negotiating tables, but we’re still very far apart on our key priorities,” Fain said. “We do not yet have offers on the table that reflect the sacrifice and contributions our members have made to these companies.”

Fain on the livestream spoke in grandiose terms, quoting scripture and famed former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, to rally members for what he called “our righteous fight.”

He framed the push for a better contract as a battle between the working class and rich.

He said: “This is our defining moment and it’s time we go to work.”

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