Turley: I Can't See How You Can Decline To Charge Biden And Go Forward On Charges Against Trump On Classified Docs | Video | RealClearPolitics

George Washington University law school professor Jonathan Turley on Tuesday’s ‘Special Report’ reacted to special counsel Robert Hur’s testimony to Congress today. JONATHAN TURLEY: Well, there was a bizarre disconnect. After you listened to Hur, he laid out evidence that was remarkably compelling. It was like playing the game of Clue and having all the murder weapon, location, the suspect but Colonel Mustard just couldn’t remember how he got there. You know, and he basically said I just can’t prosecute on this basis. He talked about how Biden told someone that he found classified documents in his basement, read from some of those documents to a third party; how evidence was destroyed by this ghostwriter in terms of an audiotape. How the White House intervened to try to get facts removed to frame the report in a series of contradictions of not just what Joe Biden has said in the past but what he said after the interview. And so you are left here thinking wow this was as good of a case I could imagine and Hur said look, I just don’t think given his diminished mental faculties that we could guarantee or have a certainty or likelihood of conviction. Now, one can accept that because I have got to tell you, Hur came off as incredibly credible and professional. The problem is the other disconnect with the Trump case. I can’t see how you could decline these charges and, yet, go forward on the classified documents charges against Trump. And, of course, you have two different special counsels. But, that contrast is more glaring today than it has ever been.

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