Trump has transformed the Republican Party into a gang of servile toadies

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Trump memorabilia is sold during the Utah Republican Party’s 2021 Organizing Convention at the Maverik Center in West Valley City on Saturday, May 1, 2021.

The recent death of Alexei Navalny is another example of the sheer savagery of Russian despot Vladimir Putin.

While western leaders condemned his violent means of eliminating political rivals, our leading Republican nominee for president had nothing to say. In 2018, our former president meekly lauded Putin’s “strong denial” that Russia had anything to do with interfering in the 2016 election. But our own intelligence sources pointed to 13 Russian hackers who were later indicted in the Robert Mueller probe.

When he made his infamous “Russia, if you’re listening” spiel, Wikileaks started dumping Hillary Clinton’s emails within hours of his partisan con. He had a two hour tete-a-tete in Helsinki with Putin, with only a Russian translator present. One can only imagine what went on there, but in light of the Putin-Trump rapport today, I think Putin did some mentoring of his protege.

Trump has proposed that he would rule as a dictator, if elected. He is already the de facto speaker of the House, as he was pulling the puppet strings of Mike Johnson to have House Republicans vote to block aid to Ukraine and torpedo a bipartisan Senate bill on border reform.

On the campaign trail, he advocated for withdrawing support for money-owing NATO members and “letting Russia do whatever the hell they want” regarding the invasion of their country. In his bid for presidential immunity, he wants to have the same type of corrupt license.

This looks to me like a profile in perfidy. He has transformed the Republican Party into a gang of servile toadies who model his confused, unethical, transactional behavior. The world is watching our muddled process of congressional policy-making and it looks to me like we are losing our reputation as a trusted ally.

A majority of voters rejected the chaos of Trump in 2020 and the same majority disliked the prospect of a president Trump in the first place.

Don Hiddleson, Millcreek

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