Trash blues! Teacher from Bavaria transforms waste into unique guitars

Teacher Frank Hebing became famous in Sesslach, Bavaria, for building guitars using recycled materials.

Speaking during an interview in footage recorded on 1 February, he said that he has been creating guitars using different materials for the past 43 years and he has built a reputation in the field. “As a guitarist, at some point, you want to make your own dream instrument. At some point you just have a fixed idea and take other objects, and for me, it started with a wine box. Then at some point, I came to cigar box guitars,” Hebing recalled.

He also emphasised that his creations are sustainable and he usually uses recycled wood to create his guitars. “You just build on each other and I now take all sorts of objects,” he explained.

During the week, Hebing works as a teacher at a facility for disabled people.

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