The Most Toxic Talk Show Sets Of All Time

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In 2023, Phil McGraw announced that his talk show, “Dr. Phil,” would be drawing to a close after dominating daytime for over 20 seasons. Over the years, his series not only brought in viewers, but sparked a number of controversies. 

In February 2022, BuzzFeed News reported that a number of “Dr. Phil” employees had come forward with allegations regarding behind-the-scenes goings-on. The reviews were less-than-glowing, to put it mildly. The claims included allegations of verbal abuse, manipulation, unethical behavior, and racism. “This show destroyed me mentally, emotionally, and physically,” one employee told the outlet. “They make you feel like not only are you not worth anything, every single day you’re told how s****y you are, how horrible your work is, yet you’re indispensable so they don’t fire you. That type of mental game emotionally and physically carries with us into other positions.”

In a statement to Variety, a spokesperson for “Dr. Phil” denied the allegations featured in the BuzzFeed story. “‘Dr. Phil’ and our hard-working, diverse team of more than 200 proud staff, many of whom have been here for two decades, have sincerely and respectfully worked with thousands of appreciative guests,” the statement read. “From the beginning, show executives have strived to create a collaborative, safe, and open environment.”

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