The Best White T-Shirts for Women: Classic White Tees

When it comes to wardrobe staples, there are few pieces of clothing quite as essential as the white t-shirt. Finding the perfect short-sleeve white tee might seem like a simple enough task, but as anyone who has ever embarked on the search for that elusive topper will tell you, sometimes it’s easier said than done. After all, the white tee has a whole lot of work to do, considering how many sartorial situations this minimalist shirt needs to be equipped to handle.

The classic white tee is a casual wardrobe basic, but it’s also quite possibly one of the most versatile items in any closet, and when you find one with the right lines, drape, length and fit, the humble white tee becomes a sartorial powerhouse. The best white t-shirts are flattering and dependable, and add an effortless, crisp and put-together element to any outfit. They easily pair with everything from your favorite pair of jeans or leather pants to a silk skirt, and even bike shorts or leggings. They’re great for layering; wear them under a chic blazer or your coziest sweaters.

The precise criteria for what makes a perfect fit for a white tee depends on one’s personal taste and needs, of course, including the fit, silhouette and fabric. Certain styles are appropriate for different occasions, but one you find the right classic tee, you’ll realize just how big a multitasker it is, whether you’re heading to the office, going to dinner or simply lounging at home. And, of course, it’s an absolutely crucial layering piece, and a key component of any worthy travel wardrobe. Below, see the most stylish, reliable and flattering white t-shirts you’ll wear time and time again.

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