The 4 Most Bitter Shots in John Lennon’s Letter to Paul McCartney in 1971 

The Beatles might have had the most brutal breakup of any classic rock band. How bad was it? They turned down $250 million to reunite in the mid-1970s. There were legal battles and fights as the Fab Four fractured and ill will in the immediate aftermath of the split. That included John Lennon taking shots at Paul McCartney in a 1971 open letter.

John Lennon wearing sunglasses during a TV appearance with The Beatles; Paul McCartney holding a cigarette and speaking into a microphone.
(l-r) John Lennon; Paul McCartney | David Redfern/Redferns; Bettmann/Contributor

John Lennon’s scathing letter to Paul McCartney included bitter shots at his Beatles bandmate

For all intents and purposes, The Beatles stopped being a band when they finished working on Abbey Road in late 1969. Still, they maintained the guise of a working unit until Paul publicly announced the band’s split in April 1970. The timing coincided with the release of his solo debut, McCartney

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