Stellantis offer to UAW: 14.5% raises, no ratification bonus

Stellantis on Friday gave the UAW a contract proposal that would raise hourly workers’ pay 14.5 percent during the next four years.

That compares to initial offers of 15 percent by Ford Motor Co. and 16 percent by General Motors, though their proposals called for some of the increases to be paid in lump sums. Stellantis said the full 14.5 percent would be given through hourly pay increases that carry forward into future years.

Stellantis said it would give workers $10,500 in inflation-related bonuses, including $6,000 in the first year of the deal. That compares to $11,000 at GM and $12,000 at Ford.

A summary of Stellantis’ offer, which the company made public Friday, did not mention any ratification bonus. Both GM and Ford said they would give workers $5,500 upon ratification of new contracts.

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