Spain: Doctors lock themselves inside building for 16 days in protest against healthcare cuts

Dozens of doctors are staging an ‘indefinite strike’ after locking themselves inside the Manoteras Neighbourhood Association building in Madrid, as seen in footage captured on Thursday.

According to local media, around 140 medical professionals, including paediatricians and clinic specialists, are locked inside the building, demanding more funding for the public healthcare system and a reduced workload.

“Basically, we are demanding primary care that responds to having sufficient human and material resources to carry out our work”, said Juan Machado a paediatrician supporting the strike.

The doctors have said they will continue their protest until they have successfully negotiated with the authorities.

Three chairs with the names of the President of the Community of Madrid, the Health Minister and the Finance Minister have been placed in one of the building’s rooms, awaiting the officials.

The strike began on January 19, following weeks of protests for public healthcare in Madrid. On January 15, around 30,000 people gathered for a doctors’ rally in the Spanish capital urging local authorities to stop funding cuts and privatisation of public hospitals and health centres.

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