Shocking Split! Soccer Stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger Separate After Four Years of Marriage

In an amazing new development, soccer fans overall were shocked as soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger have chosen to head out in different directions after almost four years of marriage. The couple, famous for their fruitful vocations and wonderful family, stood out as truly newsworthy when Ashlyn sought legal separation in Florida on September nineteenth, leaving fans and well-wishers in shock.

As we dig into the subtleties of their excursion, we investigate the purposes for their division and the difficulties they currently face.

  1. A Once Happy Union:

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger, both former members of the United States Women’s National Team, exchanged vows almost four years ago, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey together. The couple became proud parents to their two children, Sloan and Ocean, and their lives appeared to be a picture of happiness.

  1. Ashlyn’s Divorce Filing:

The news of their separation came to light when Ashlyn Harris filed for divorce from Ali Krieger on September 19th in Florida’s Seol County. While the exact reasons for their decision remain undisclosed, this development sent shockwaves throughout the soccer community and their legion of fans.

  1. Silence Speaks Volumes:

Despite the public’s curiosity and eagerness to understand the reasons behind the separation, both Ashlyn and Ali have chosen to remain silent about the matter. Requests for comments from their representatives by News4Max have gone unanswered, leaving us all with unanswered questions about the fate of their relationship.

  1. A New Beginning:

This news comes just over a year after the couple celebrated the adoption of their second child, Ocean. Both Harris and Krieger had openly expressed their joy and excitement about expanding their family. These contrasting developments in their personal lives leave fans and followers wondering about the future of their family dynamic.

  1. A Look Back at Their Journey:

In December of 2019, Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger spoke exclusively to News4Max about their unique motherhood journey. Ali shared, “It’s a feeling you can’t describe. I understand why moms will do anything for their children. Everyone says you’ll understand one day when you have a child, and now we do.” Their story resonated with many, as they shared the joys and challenges of parenthood.


The separation of Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger marks the end of a chapter in their lives that was characterized by successful soccer careers and their shared journey into parenthood. While the reasons for their split remain undisclosed, the world watches in anticipation for any updates from the two soccer stars.

As fans, we hope for the best for both Ashlyn and Ali as they navigate this challenging time in their lives. We will continue to follow their stories with support and empathy for the challenges they face as they embark on new beginnings apart.

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