Shay Lia Speaks On The Kaytranada Boiler Room Set

“So when I moved country, I knew I liked singing but it was kind of like an in-the-shower thing; I didn’t know I was a songwriter. I wrote “Leave Me Alone” and “Chances” with Kaytranada – those and so many other songs. When I realised I could write songs with Kaytranda that’s how I practised music and it gave me more confidence. When we started working together, it clicked right away, he would just send me beats; we’ren’t in the studio together. We were two kids that didn’t have the budget. So I would send him whatever and he would try to put it together in English because the sound of it would come naturally, but the words didn’t. But we did it. I wrote the song, he changed some stuff and boom. I was still in school getting my degree and he was travelling the world. And now it’s all full circle”

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