Serbia: Hundreds join religious march in Belgrade demanding Kosovo to ‘remain part’ of country

Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Belgrade on Sunday, in a religious march demanding Kosovo to ‘remain part of Serbia’.

Footage shows activists marching with icons, crosses and Serbian colours. Speaking during an interview, a protester said “I came here to support the efforts of the Serbian people so that our holy land of Kosovo and Metohija remains part of the beautiful and glorious Serbia.”

Another protester added “Our holy Kosovo was covered in blood and left to us as descendants to defend it, and there is no surrender.”

Among other demands, the activists also stressed a ban on promoting the LGBT ideology and the non-imposition of sanctions against Russia.

“If we don’t come to our senses and lose Kosovo, far from it, we won’t be able to preserve these borders that we have even for six months. And may God save our Russian brothers; we are all fighting for the same thing,” commented an activist.

Tne protest comes amid tensions between Serbia and Kosovo, which Belgrade regards as part of Serbia.

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