Russian military plane crashes into residential building irkutsk

Another Russian military plane crashes in an urban area. A Su-30, which had just taken off from the aircraft factory, crashed into a residential building in Irkutsk. Looks like the Russian Air Force is increasingly becoming a threat to its own civilians.

A Russian fighter plane crashed into a residential building in the Siberian city of Irkutsk on Sunday and the two pilots were killed, officials said.

In a post on Telegram, Irkutsk governor Igor Kobzev said the plane crashed into a two-storey house in the city. The emergencies ministry said the pilots died, but there were no other casualties.

It was the second such incident in six days. Last Monday, a Sukhoi Su-34 fighter plane crashed into an apartment block in the southern city of Yeysk, near Ukraine, and at least 15 people were killed.

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