Cakes, Cheese & Biden’s Ice Cream All Soar

American families did not get any relief in the grocery store aisles in September, the latest Consumer Price Index showed Thursday. The price of food at home jumped 0.6 percent compared with the previous month. Over the past 12 months, grocery prices have gone up 13.0 percent. Some of the biggest increases in food include: Cakes up 1.8 percent … Read more

‘It’s Time for Me to Go It Alone’

After being dumped by JP Morgan Chase, Twitter, and Instagram, Kanye West appears to be losing friends fast among the corporate elite. But the billionaire rapper and fashion mogul doesn’t seem to have much love for corporate America either. Speaking to Bloomberg News in September, Kanye West indicated he was finished cozying up to big … Read more

Consumer Prices Surge Higher Than Expected, Up 8.2%

Prices paid by U.S. households surged higher in September as a wide range of goods and services became more expensive. Prices rose 8.2 percent compared with a year earlier, the latest Consumer Price Index showed on Tuesday, evidence that the price stability sought by the Federal Reserve remains an elusive and distant destination. Compared with August, prices … Read more

Kari Lake’s Q&A Postponed After PBS Grants Hobbs Undeserved Interview

PHOENIX, AZ – The Arizona Clean Elections Commission (CEC) and Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake blasted Arizona PBS Wednesday for granting Secretary of State Katie Hobbs an undeserved one-on-one interview. The CEC set up a one-on-one interview for Lake with Arizona PBS that was supposed to take place Wednesday instead of a debate because Hobbs … Read more

Late-Term Abortions ‘Only Happen’ ‘When There’s a Serious Issue’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Democratic North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate and former North Carolina State Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley responded to a question on whether she thinks abortion should be illegal in any circumstances by stating “women have had a constitutionally-protected right to make this decision with their physician without … Read more

Mark Ronchetti Rips Dem Lujan Grisham for New Mexico’s Border Crisis

During the New Mexico governor debate on Wednesday night, Republican candidate Mark Ronchetti ripped into Democrat incumbent Michelle Lujan Grisham for her open border policies. Highlighting the fentanyl crisis in New Mexico, Ronchetti, who currently trails Grisham in the polls, slammed the incumbent for removing the National Guard from the border after coming into office. … Read more

Biden’s Ignoring the Experts on the Economy after Talking up Experts During COVID

During an interview with Newsmax TV on Wednesday, Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) reacted to the Biden administration denying that a recession is looming by pointing out that the Biden administration repeatedly claimed they listened to experts on coronavirus, “but yet they don’t listen to experts when it comes to the economy.” … Read more

House Democrats’ Super PAC Cancels $435k Ad Buy in L.A.

The House Democrats’ super PAC, House Majority PAC, is reportedly canceling $435,000 of its broadcasting ad buy for Los Angeles as President Joe Biden is supposed to make an appearance on Wednesday at a couple of events, including a fundraiser for the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Politico reported that the super PAC had canceled $435,000 of its … Read more

January 6 Probe Has ‘a Lot of New Evidence’ Showing Trump’s ‘Culpability’

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Wednesday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that the January 6 House Select Committee has a lot of new evidence to present at the hearing Thursday. Anchor Wolf Blitzer asked, “What new evidence can we expect your committee to lay out in tomorrow’s hearing?” Raskin said, “Well, we have a bunch of new … Read more

George Soros Pours Another $1 Million into Stacey Abrams’ Campaign

Democrat megadonor George Soros has given Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign in Georgia another $1 million boost, according to the latest financial disclosures. On the final day of the campaign’s third fundraising quarter, Democracy PAC II, a federal committee funded by Soros, sent $1 million to One Georgia Inc., a leadership committee Abrams leads to help … Read more

For More Crime, Vote Democrat!

New York Mayor Eric Adams would have been the Democrats’ runaway choice for president if only he’d kept his campaign promise and cut crime in the Big Apple. No mayoral candidate talked about “safety, safety, safety” more than he. As Adams told MSNBC during the campaign: Public safety and justice is the prerequisite to prosperity. … Read more

Why Yellen and Wall Street Did Not See Persistent Inflation Coming

The September produce price index rose at twice the rate expected by economists in September, once again indicating that forecasters continue to underestimate the persistence of inflation. The producer price index (PPI) for final demand rose at a month-to-month rate of four-tenths of a percentage point, lapping the forecast for a two-tenths rise. The year-over-year … Read more

We Can’t ‘Get So Ahead of the Europeans’ on Ukraine Aid That They Say ‘We’re Going to Make You Carry the Whole Burden’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) stated that while he gives the Biden administration good marks for how it has managed sending assistance to Ukraine and thinks that we should send more anti-missile defense weapons to the country, the United States can’t give Ukraine a blank … Read more

Taliban Tells Visiting U.N. Envoy That Its Human Rights Abuses Are ‘Facebook Rumors’

The United Nations special rapporteur for human rights in Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, met with senior Taliban leaders on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in the country, legitimizing the Taliban with treatment as a formal state power. Reports citing Taliban spokesmen relay that “foreign minister” Amir Khan Muttaqi and “deputy prime minister” Abdul Salam Hanafi … Read more

Dasha Burns’s Report on Fetterman Interview Unsupported by Network

NBC News journalist Dasha Burns’s Tuesday report on Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman’s use of closed captioning that aided his interview with Burns was immediately counteracted and framed as speculative by the network following the report’s debut on NBC News’s nightly evening news. The scathing report by Burns, an employee of NBC News for over six years, went unsupported … Read more

Cotton Warns Democrat Warnock Will Be ‘Ardent Voice for Criminals’ If Reelected

CARROLLTON, Georgia — Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) expects the national crime wave in cities across America to worsen if Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) wins Georgia’s battleground Senate race. Cotton spoke about the crime issue with Breitbart News in a brief interview Tuesday in western Georgia after rallying on behalf of Warnock’s challenger, Republican Herschel Walker. … Read more

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb

Host Alex Marlow opens today’s podcast with a fairly deep analysis of the world economy. Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund said that “the worst is yet to come.” Then, Alex has audio of President Joe Biden’s interview yesterday on CNN. Biden is either clueless about how Americans are feeling right now, or he is lying … Read more

Joe Biden Says His Push to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ is ‘Not a Joke’

President Joe Biden once again pledged more gun control, including an “assault weapons” ban, during an interview Tuesday with CNN’s Jake Tapper. The Blaze posted a segment of the exchange in which Biden talked about being in a situation “where we finally have action on guns.” He added, “And by the way, I’m going to get … Read more

‘Harry Potter’ Star Tom Felton Refuses to Trash J.K. Rowling over Her Stance that Transgender Ideology Could Erase Womanhood

Actor Tom Felton joined the ranks of Ralph Fiennes and Robbie Coltrane as one of the few Harry Potter cast members to support author J.K. Rowling in the face of unbending leftist criticism over her stance against transgender radicalism. Felton, who of course played Draco Malfoy in the beloved movie series, told The Times of London … Read more

Herschel Walker Raises Record $350K in One Day

Georgia’s Republican U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker raised a record approximately $350,000 on Tuesday, campaign sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News. “Raphael Warnock and the left wing crazies will say and do anything to hold onto power. Well, they messed with the wrong Georgian,” a Walker campaign source said on Tuesday night. “He’ll … Read more

‘I Don’t Think’ Putin Will Use a Nuke and I’m Not Afraid of Armageddon — I Was Saying Putin Shouldn’t Talk about Using a Nuke

During an interview with CNN aired on Tuesday’s edition of “CNN Tonight,” President Joe Biden said that he doesn’t think Vladimir Putin will actually deploy a nuclear weapon, and no “rational person” thinks using a nuke “does not have the prospect of leading to something that could be way out of control.” But he believes … Read more

FBI Offered Christopher Steele $1M to Corroborate Dossier 

The FBI offered former British spy Christopher Steele “up to $1 million” if he could prove the claims in his infamous dossier, according to a senior FBI analyst’s testimony on Tuesday in Special Counsel John Durham’s criminal probe into the origins of Russiagate. FBI supervisory counterintelligence analyst Brian Auten’s testimony came during the first day … Read more

I Don’t Think We’ll Have a Recession, if We Do, ‘It Will Be a Very Slight Recession’

During an interview with CNN aired on Tuesday’s edition of “CNN Tonight,” President Joe Biden said people shouldn’t prepare for a recession because people who are predicting one have been saying so “every six months” and he doesn’t believe there will be a recession, but “If it is, it will be a very slight recession, … Read more

‘I’ll Be in the Process of Deciding’ on 2024 Run After Midterms — ‘I Can Beat Donald Trump Again’

President Joe Biden said Tuesday on “CNN Tonight” that he will decide if he is going to run for president in 2024 after the midterms and if he does, he said he believes he will beat former President Donald Trump again. Biden said, “I just think there’s, you know, it’s a matter of has anybody done … Read more

Biden Guarantees Assault Weapons Ban Passage – ‘Not a Joke’

President Joe Biden said Tuesday on “CNN Tonight” that he will pass the assault weapon ban again before he leaves office. Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Democratic voters approve of the job you’re doing. Democratic voters overwhelmingly like you. But one poll shows that almost two-thirds of Democratic voters want a new nominee in 2024, and … Read more

Crimea’s Kerch Strait Bridge Becomes Flashpoint in Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The Kerch Strait Bridge, also known as the Crimea Bridge, became the focus of international attention when it was struck by a huge explosion on Saturday. The bridge is both strategically vital and symbolically important to Russia, which accused Ukraine of committing a “terrorist” attack by detonating a truck bomb and setting the bridge on … Read more

China Gloats F-35 Waiver Exposes U.S. ‘Dependence on Chinese Rare-Earth Products’

China’s state-run Global Times on Sunday gloated that a waiver from the U.S. government to take delivery on F-35 fighter jets exposed America’s “dependence on Chinese rare-earth products” and demonstrated that China can bring the U.S. military to heel whenever it wishes by choosing to “limit the export of such strategic resources to safeguard its … Read more

Pandemic- and Communism-Battered Hong Kong to Offer 500,000 Free Plane Tickets for Tourists

The Chinese-controlled government of Hong Kong announced last week that it will give away 500,000 free airline tickets worth HK$2 billion ($254.8 million) to tourists and business travelers next year as part of a plan to revitalize the nation’s ravaged tourism industry after two years of fierce Chinese coronavirus travel restrictions. The tickets were previously … Read more

Trump Caused the ‘Great Emasculation of the Republican Party’

CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp said Tuesday on “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump caused “the great emasculation of the Republican Party.” The panel was discussing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) refusal to comment on Trump referring to his wife, former Transportation secretary Elaine Chao as “China-loving wife, Coco Chow.” Cupp said, “It goes … Read more

Walker to Pay Past Due Rents to Stop ‘Rev Warnock from Evicting’ Tenants

Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Tuesday pledged to pay past due rents to stop “Reverend Warnock from evicting” tenants who live in a building his church owns in Atlanta, Georgia. Following Monday revelations that Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) church had tried to evict at least eight tenants for late rent during the pandemic, … Read more

Actress Angela Lansbury Dead at 96

Oct. 11 (UPI) — British TV, film and stage legend Angela Lansbury, whose career spanned nearly 80 years, died Tuesday. She was 96. “The children of Dame Angela Lansbury are sad to announce that their mother died peacefully in her sleep at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 AM today, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, just … Read more

FBI Officials Who Warned Facebook of ‘Russian Disinfo’ Are Dem Donors

Two FBI officials who had knowledge of the Hunter Biden laptop in 2020 and who alerted Facebook to potential Russian disinformation are Democrat donors, court filings and campaign finance records show. The unit chief for the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, Laura Dehmlow, and the head of the FBI’s San Francisco cyber division, Elvis Chan, were likely engaged in … Read more

Coronation of King Charles III Set for May 6th 2023

The Coronation of King Charles III will take place next May, Buckingham Palace had said, a thousand-year-old ceremony laden with tradition and symbolism, but possibly with a modern twist this time around. A statement Tuesday afternoon from Buckingham Palace, the official London residence and administrative centre of the monarchy revealed the Coronation of King Charles … Read more

Raphael Warnock’s Church Tried to Evict Tenants During Pandemic

Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) church reportedly tried to evict tenants during the pandemic while he raked in a $120,000 pastoral salary and a $7,417 monthly housing allowance from the church on top of his Senate salary. Warnock’s church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, attempted to evict eight tenants from an Atlanta apartment building the nonprofit owns for as little as … Read more

Heritage Action Super PAC Drops Additional $1.5M on Arizona Senate Race

Sentinel Action Fund, the super PAC affiliated with Heritage Action, the political arm of the prominent conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, has dropped another $1.5 million on the Arizona U.S Senate Race, the Washington Examiner first reported. The super PAC’s extra $1.5 million brings the total investment in the race to $7.5 million to help Republican Blake Masters in his hopes to unseat Democrat … Read more

Only 53 Per Cent of Gen Z Britons Are ‘Exclusively Straight’ – Stonewall

The number of Britons who identify as “exclusively straight” has fallen to just 53 per among Generation Z, according to Stonewall. In its ‘Rainbow Britain Report’ for 2022, the LGBTQ+ activist organisation hailed the fact that “our lives and experiences are now more visible than they have ever been — in every community, and in … Read more