Rail traffic moving again after pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked off CN trains – Winnipeg

Trains are moving again in downtown Winnipeg after a pro-Palestinian demonstration brought CN rail traffic to a halt Monday.

The group of about 50 demonstrators gathered on York Avenue mid-afternoon, with some climbing onto the rail overpass.

Police say it wrapped up Monday evening and there were no arrests or charges laid.

Carrying banners and Palestinian flags, the protesters said they were demanding the Canadian government formally call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Protester Dasha Plett telling Global News Monday’s actions were a drastic but necessary move.

“We are trying to poke the country where it hurts because it feels like we have tried everything,” Plett said. “We have sent petitions, signed letters, we have approached politicians directly, there’s been marches every single week and Canada has yet to call for a ceasefire.”

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