Phillies-Orioles game at Camden Yards will captivate fans

“Philadelphia and Baltimore, two cities born in colonial times, tied together by the same interstate highway and the same railway, are competitors in business and now in sport.”

—The Baltimore Sun, October 1983

Just before the 1983 World Series, a reporter from Baltimore walked up to a ticket line of Phillies fans, believing he was doing the equivalent of approaching a predator on safari. He asked if they were excited. The response was less deranged and homicidal than he’d expected: A man simply said, “[Phillies fans] are getting a little more used to it than we used to be.”

The reporter, who had assumed he was about to be thrown into the Delaware, was even more flabbergasted than if he’d been actively drowning. It had only been three years since the five-day party surrounding the World Series victory parade down Broad Street, but already, the city was yawning in the wake of a red-hot September run, an anti-1964, and a World Series berth against a hot Orioles team. 

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