People Who Called Off Their Engagements Share Their Stories


And finally, “I’ve actually had six failed engagements. Last straws in order”:

“1. Came home to find him and his ex-gf [having] sex in our bed. They got married and had a kid, and then, she cheated on him.

2. He was from the south, and his family had a lot of opinions. His mom said I was ‘not Christian enough’ to be a mother of his kids. After I spent five years raising his son who was born out of wedlock.

3. I had moved to Dubai [for this marriage]. Two things happened: 1. All of the job offers I got required they hold my passport (very common there). 2. Interfaith marriages are nearly impossible. After giving up my family, friends, home, country, etc., he insisted I convert to his religion or leave.

4. He was a darling. But too much of a pushover and loud chewer.

5. We both lived in Key West and got carried away during Fantasy Fest.

6. He had a thing for cocaine and webcamming together. Also, he loved threesomes. So, when I found him talking to women who watched us on [the] webcam behind my back, there was an Ashley-shaped hole in the door.

Full circle!”


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