People Share Worst Workplace Rules


“My boss made it very clear that jeans were against the office dress code during the hiring process. I was surprised to see that many employees outside of my boss’s team wore jeans, but I still stuck to her dress code. One day during my first week, I wore paisley-patterned slacks and was called into her office almost immediately after clocking in. With a very exhausted voice, she politely reminded me that jeans were not part of the dress code. I insisted that I wasn’t wearing jeans. It got to the point where she put her face up to my thigh while touching my slacks to see if the fabric truly wasn’t denim. She finally agreed that I wasn’t wearing jeans but also instructed me to never wear these slacks to work again because ‘they looked too similar to denim.’ This was only my second job, so I followed suit.”

“A few months later, she left our workplace, and my new boss, who commonly wore a t-shirt and jeans to the office, always commented on how well-dressed our team was. It turns out my old boss made up her rule of no jeans in the office just so she could say her team dressed better than everyone else.”


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