Patriots back Mac Jones while QB blames himself for loss – Boston Herald

FOXBORO — In each of the first six questions Mac Jones answered in his news conference Sunday night after the Patriots’ Week 1 25-20 loss to the Eagles, the quarterback went out of his way to blame himself for the result.

Jones said he “didn’t throw any good passes on the first drive” and that the Patriots “couldn’t score early, and we just fell behind because of me, and I put it on myself.” He noted that the Patriots’ defense “gave me the ball twice to win the game, and I couldn’t do it.”

The Patriots got down to the Eagles’ 17-yard line while trailing 22-14 with 9:32 left in the game, went for it on fourth-and-3 and couldn’t convert. The Eagles responded with a field goal, putting the Patriots down 25-14. Jones led the Patriots on a scoring drive but couldn’t make a two-point conversion, cutting the Eagles’ lead to 25-20. Jones’ defense gave him two more opportunities to score late in the fourth quarter, but the offense turned the ball over on downs twice.

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