NYC is expecting three days of rain and then … more rain

An umbrella will be a crucial accessory for New Yorkers over the next few days.

A steady, constant rain is forecasted for the city and beyond through Thursday, with the potential for localized flash flooding during heavier showers on Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

“We are talking about a couple of inches of rain when all is said and done,” said meteorologist Dominic Ramunni, citing a significant amount over a short period.

Though the NWS has not issued any advisories as the low pressure system passes through, Ramunni warned that some urban flooding could occur around poor drainage areas – especially Wednesday night, when the rain will be coming down hard.

“If you have to be out and about in the rain, obviously take your time … especially if you’re traveling [Wednesday] evening,” Ramunni said.

Temperatures will be well above normal in the fifties, so there is no risk of freezing or snow, according to the forecast.

The wet weather should clear up Thursday into Friday, but not for long: Another round of rain is expected over the weekend.

As the old March saying goes, there’s reason to hope that this week’s nasty forecast will yield better days ahead.

“In like a lion, out like a lamb,” Ramunni said. “Here’s the lion. Hopefully we can see the payoff as we get to the end of the month with a lamb.”

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