Multiple victims in Dorchester shooting, police on scene

Five people have been shot in Dorchester as police descend on the scene on Ames Street.

“Full notifications” has been called, meaning the injuries to some or more of the victims could be life-threatening.

Police Commissioner Michael Cox announced that two of the victims were juveniles and one is in critical condition fighting for his life.

“We need the public’s help and support on this,” Cox said. “If you saw something please let our investigators know.”

DA Kevin Hayden also asked for community help. “We’re here doing everything we can. Yet this is another incident where it cries out for the community’s help.”

Mayor Michelle Wu said this is the time for families to get their kids to bed not deal with a shooting.

“I’m upset,” Wu said. “I’m praying with all my heart for those in the hospital to recover … but we need help.”

This is a developing story …

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